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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Yoda Stories Gameboy Color Cheats

Level - Password
2 - XKJ
3 - GJP
4 - TDM
5 - WTM
6 - ZBV
7 - QTC
8 - TGR
9 - VDP
10 - BFG
11 - FNP
12 - STJ
13 - FTG
14 - BLP
15 - YSF

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Xtreme Sports Gameboy Color Cheats

400 Medals
Enter "xyzzy" as a case-sensitive name. Then, hold A and press Select to increase the medal count to 400. Hold A and press Select again to reset the count to 0.

View ending sequence
Enter "staff" as a case-sensitive name. Enter the snack shop to view the ending sequence. Note: This also unlocks the hidden credits level. Quickly jump twice to get on top of the low building that appears immediately before the programmer's credit. Then, jump up and keep jumping to the right on the clouds until you find a hidden message.

Cheat Mode
At the title screen, press Left(5), Up(5), Right(5), Down(5), Select(5) to unlock all levels and bonuses. To access the sound test, hold A and press Left or Right to make a selection, then press Select to hear it. Select the "Scrapbook" option to view background information about the game.

When the title screen comes up, press left 5, up 5, right 5, down 5, and select 5 times. Go to the test image. Whoever you have for a character, it will come up in a close-up version.

Friday, July 8, 2011

X-Men: Wolverine's Rage Gameboy Color Cheats

Level Passwords
Enter the icons at the Password screen to open the corresponding level.

Level 3: Wolverine Head, Claws, X, Wolverine Body

Thursday, July 7, 2011

X-Men: Mutant Wars Gameboy Color Cheats

Level Passwords
Lvl. 2 - 0KNG6HWB
Lvl. 3 - 0LNG6HXQ
Lvl. 4 - 0LNF7HYP
Lvl. 5 - 0KPF7HZG
Lvl. 6 - 1KPF7H0D
Lvl. 7 - 1KPG7H19
Lvl. 8 - 1KPF7J2C
Lvl. 9 - 1KPF7J3L

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

X-Men Mutant Academy Gameboy Color Cheats

How to unlock apocalypse
At the start screen press: right, left, up, down, left, up, b + a. If you entered it in right you will get a message of a picture of apocalypse.

Unlock Phoenix
At the title screen press: down, right, down, up, left, right, B + A.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

WWF Wrestlemania 2000 Gameboy Color Cheats

Billy Gunn
Opponent - Password
Road Dogg - PJH!
Val Venis - PJHT
Jeff Jarrett - PJKB
Shawn Michaels - PJM6
Big Boss Man - PJN9
Ken Shamrock - PJRW
The Big Show - PJSS
Shawn Michaels - PJWZ
Triple-H - PJXC
X-Pac/Ken Shamrock PJZX
Steve Austin - PJ18
Undertaker - PJ3P
Kane - PJ59
The Rock - PJ7N
Mankind - PJ!C
Kane - PKBY
The Big Show - PKDY

Steve Austin
Opponent - Password
Ken Shamrock - CSD7
Jeff Jarrett - CSGQ
Road Dogg - CSK8
X-Pac - CSL3
Billy Gunn - CSP6
Val Venis - CSQS
Big Boss Man - CSTP
X-Pac - CSVW
Triple-H - CSX9
Shawn Michaels/Val Venis CS0T
Big Show - C525
Kane - CS4L
Mankind - CS66
The Rock - CS8K
The Undertaker - CS!9
Mankind - CTCV
Big Boss Man - CTFV

The Rock
Opponent - Password
Ken Shamrock - FSDM
Jeff Jarrett - FSH4
Road Dogg - FSKN
X-Pac - FSLH
Mr. Ass - FSPL
Val Venis - FSR6
Big Bossman - FSS3
X-Pac - FSW9
Triple-H - FSXP
Shawn Michaels - FSZ7
Big Show - FS2K
Kane - FS30
Mankind - FS6L
Undertaker - FS7Z
Steve Austin - FS!P
Mankind - FTB8
Big Boss Man - FTD8

Opponent - Password
Val Venis - 2BDM
Road Dogg - 2BH4
X-Pac - 2BKN
Billy Gunn - 2BLH
Ken Shamrock - 2BPL
Big Boss Man - 2BRN
Shawn Michaels - 2BS3
Billy Gunn - 2BW9
Triple-H - 2BKP
Kane - 2B2K
The Big Show - 2B30
Mankind - 2B6L
The Rock - 2B7Z
Steve Austin - 2B!P
Mankind - 2CB8
Shawn Michaels - 2CD8

Perform 'Special Moves'
When the bar, underneath your health bar goes up to full, press SELECT at the appropriate time (eg. when your opponent is standing up, for the Rock Bottom) and watch your wrestler lay the smackdown on your opponent! (To see a wrestler's 'special move' go to 'Biographies' on the main menu).

Monday, July 4, 2011

WWF Betrayal Gameboy Color Cheats

Unlock Debug Mode
Enter password: 4232

The Rock
Level 2 - 1314
Boss 1 - 1411
Level 3 - 2413
Level 4 - 2214
Boss 2 - 2412
Level 5 - 3114
Level 6 - 3312
Final Boss - 4111

Steve Austin
Level 2 - 1344
Boss 1 - 1441
Level 3 - 2443
Level 4 - 2244
Boss 2 - 2442
Level 5 - 3144
Level 6 - 3342
Final Boss - 4141

Triple H
Level 2 - 1324
Boss 1 - 1421
Level 3 - 2423
Level 4 - 2224
Boss 2 - 2422
Level 5 - 3124
Level 6 - 3322
Final Boss - 4121

The Undertaker
Level 2 - 1334
Boss 1 - 1431
Level 3 - 2433
Level 4 - 2234
Boss 2 - 2432
Level 5 - 3134
Level 6 - 3332
Final Boss - 4131

Sunday, July 3, 2011

WWF Attitude Gameboy Color Cheats

Always Land Ariel Maneuvers
If you always want to land your ariel moves from the turnbuckle, wait for the computer to get up and walk to the bottom or top end of the screen (opposite of the turlbuckle). Once they are there, press Attack+up to do a body splash. It will always hit.

Breeze through Cage Matches
To finish Cage Matches quickly, select a wrestler who is both quick and a good finisher. When the match begins, lunge forward (making sure you are near the cage) and punch quickly. When the meter turns black do a finisher or vertical suplex - and right when they're stunned climb the cage and you'll win before they knew what hit'em!

Fight Your Tag Team Partner
In Tag Team Mode, when you get thrown out of the ring, go behind the ring (on your team's side) and begin wailing on your teammate. Let the fight begin!

Win Tag Team Matches Easily
To win a Tag Team Match easily, you must first weaken the team. Lure your opponent to his partner and then knock him out of the ring. Now, climb onto the apron (not the floor) and begin beating on his partner. Finally, let the wrestler who has been knocked out of the ring tag his now weak partner.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Worms Armageddon Gameboy Color Cheats

Level - Password
Jungle - Pink worm, Banana bomb, Skeletal worm, Pink worm
Cheese - Pink worm, Banana bomb, Blue worm, Dynamite
Medical - Skeletal worm, Blue worm, Banana bomb, Banana bomb
Desert - Red worm, Pink worm, Skeletal worm, Blue worm
Tools - Banana bomb, Pink worm, Pink worm, Blue worm
Egypt - Skeletal worm, Pink worm, Red worm, Banana worm
Hell - Pink worm, Blue worm, Red worm, Dynamite
Treehut - Red worm, Skeletal worm, Dynamite, Blue worm
Garden - Banana bomb, Red worm, Skeletal worm, Dynamite
Snow - Dynamite, Pink worm, Blue worm, Blue worm
Constyrd - Pink worm, Pink worm, Banana bomb, Banana bomb
Pirate - Dynamite, Blue worm, Dynamite, Skeletal worm
Fruit - Skeletal worm, Red worm, Banana bomb, Skeletal worm
Alien - Dynamite, Blue worm, Red worm, Red worm
Circuit - Red worm, Dynamite, Dynamite, Dynamite
Medieval - Blue worm, Dynamite, Skeletal worm, Blue worm

Friday, July 1, 2011

The World is Not Enough Gameboy Color Cheats

Cheat Mode
Pause the game and press Up, Right, Left. Then line up the icons to activate the different cheats.

Taser, Grenade, Key, Goggles

Unlimited ammo:
Pistol , Rifle, Taser, Grenade

One hit kills:
Grenade, Key, Goggles, Pistol

Goggles, Grenade, Pistol, Rifle

Level 2:
Briefcase, Camera, Watch, Triangles In Circle

Level 3:
Camera, Triangles In Circle, Two Circles, Watch

Level 4:
Briefcase, Aim, Aim, Rectangle Chip

Level 5:
Aim, Briefcase, Camera, Briefcase

Level 6:
Card, Gun, Watch, Aim

Level 7:
Card, Biohazard symbol, Two Circles, Camera

Level 8:
Rectangle Chip, Rectangle Chip, Aim, Two Circles

Thursday, June 30, 2011

World Heroes Jet Gameboy Color Cheats

Boss Code
If you want to play the boss in this game, while in the Takara screen appears press Right, Left, A, B, Down, A, B, and Up. At the character select screen you will see the boss at the lower right corner.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

World Destruction League: Thunder Tanks Gameboy Color Cheats

Cheat Codes
At the main menu, select Start, then enter any of the following codes to unlock these levels. If you entered the code correctly, the screen will read, "OK," and the corresponding level will be available in Moscow.

Easy Ride: QXCZX2
Moscow Chase: #V-ZVG
Moscow Meltdown: 9HW#H2

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Woody Woodpecker Gameboy Color Cheats

Level Select
For a level with lives of 6-12, write in the password of the level:

03 - The Forest - F+8T2
04 - The Town - L69KL
05 - Mountain 1 - C+9J3
06 - Mexican Village - JB629
07 - Mountain 2 - T8829
08 - The Hospital - QB6W9
09 - Undergroung Passages - CXNMS
10 - The Amusement Park - JJH2W
11 - Space Land - PLB2W
12 - The Spaceship - L8GWB
13 - The Pirate Ship - MXTWV
14 - The Haunted House - N1VM1
15 - The Flight Home - PZ1M1

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Wendy: Every Witch Way Gameboy Color Cheats

50% complete
Enter STAR, SQUARE, SQUARE, STAR as a password.

100% complete
Enter PLUS, MINUS, PLUS, MINUS as a password.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Warriors Of Might And Magic Gameboy Color Cheats

Unlimited items
Items that are found just outside of a building, such as potions or hearts, can be collected an unlimited number of times. Collect the item, enter the building, then exit. The item will reappear.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Warlocked Gameboy Color Cheats

Various Codes
Enter the codes at the Armies/Check Code screen:

Level select - NQCFFY
Beast ending - VGLYDWRVS
Human ending - LVCKQVYYN
Goblin Poker - GQBLYNPQKR
Puzzle mini-game - SLYDRS
View credits - WRYTRS

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wario Land 3 Gameboy Color Cheats

Find destinations easily
Once a level has been completed, if an orange ball spins around a location, you should go there first. If it does not do that, go to the temple.

Unlock time attack mode
Successfully complete the game after collecting all 100 treasures.

Free Wario Golf play
Before you enter a Wario Golf game, save the game. Reload the game and enter the door. If you do badly in Wario Golf, shut the Game Boy Color. Reload the game and you will be outside the door. Keep repeating this until you win.

Extra lives
Press Start to pause game play, then press Select(16). If done correctly, a blinking square will appear around the last digit of the number of your remaining lives. Hold A + B and then press Left, Up to change the number.

In-game reset
Press Start + Select + A + B during game play.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Wario Land 2 Gameboy Color Cheats

Battle Bosses
Complete the game with 100% status and all treasure and map pieces. (Skulls denote Boss levels.) Select a Boss level then hold Down + A at the level name screen.

Flagman DD mini-game
Complete the game with 100% status and all treasure and map pieces. A bonus game can be played after the final level.

Hidden chapter
Begin a new game and without waking Mario, let the pirates knock him out of the castle. The game will begin at the hidden chapter.

In-game reset
Press Select + Start + A + B during game.

Traction on Conveyor Belts
To prevent yourself from moving on a conveyor belt, carry an enemy. As long as you're doing this, you will move normally.

Secret Levels #2 Chapter 4
Go to the factory level and cross the room to get to the door. Enter it and fall down the first shaft you see. Break open the boxes for coins. Then stomp on the purple block that is second from the right. Crawl to the left and stomp the block and pipe in the middle of the area. Keep on raming into the pipes (going left) until you come to a door. Enter it and become "flat." Climb up the platforms and float to the star door.

Secret Levels Chapter 4
Go to the level which has the basketball boss and enter the room before the boss. Go to where that bad guy is standing and ground pound the floor. The shaking will lift him up. Grab him and throw it at the wall that is to the right of the boss door. When you reach the star door, you will be taken to a ghost mansion!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Wario Land Gameboy Color Cheats

How to change the stats on the bottom of the screen
First, pause the game. Then press select 16 times. You should see a little box appear. Press A and B and you can move the little box around. You can press up or down to change your number of lives, coins or time that's left. Also, if you put the box on the little Wario face, he will power up.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Wacky Races Gameboy Color Cheats

Unlock All Tracks And Characters
Curses! Foiled again!

Don't give up! Cheat! Try this code on for size. From the Main Menu enter the Options Menu. From here select Password and enter:


This will unlock all of the Wacky characters and Tracks.

Whenever playing in a race (I prefer the Slag Brothers) try bumping nearby racers. Don't slam from behind, instead, be pararrel with the racer and take a turn into the racer. Sometimes you may jump in the air and lose speed.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Vegas Games Gameboy Color Cheats

Go to the ATM, select "Password" then enter TTTBFRT0T. Note: The password includes the number "0" and not the letter "O".

Go to the ATM, select "Password" then enter TT046BTZT. Note: The password includes the number "0" and not the letter "O".

Go to the ATM, select "Password" then enter TTTZW3TTT.

Go to the ATM, select "Password" then enter TTT6FDR3T.

Go to the ATM, select "Password" then enter TTT$TRMTT.

Go to the ATM, select "Password" then enter TTT2FXMZT.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

V Rally Gameboy Color Cheats

Hard Arcade Level
From the password screen enter, FOOD.

Medium Arcade Level
From the password screen enter, FAST.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ultimate Paintball Gameboy Color Cheats

Level passwords
02 - 9GSMJY2K
03 - 16FWJJET
04 - 1B5WJWTO
05 - 130WJBOY
08 - 665WJQIU
09 - 9Z0CJTAK
10 - 13DQJIAU

Monday, June 13, 2011

Turok: Rage Wars Gameboy Color Cheats

All weapons
At the password screen, type in 5lm2fb.

Level - Password
02 - K14QF4
03 - 3T5L31
04 - SMJ54M

Level - Password
02 - 3MQTL1
03 - Z1KMQ1
04 - 2TQCMR

Level - Password
02 - DT5JV1
03 - 2F5QZM
04 - MQ5LRS

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Turok 3: Shadow Of Oblivion Gameboy Color Cheats

Gameplay Cheats
These are entered into the password screen using the A button and when completely entered press the A button again. The Unlimited Ammo and Unlimited Lives cheats will give you no conformation that they work after you enter them but their effect should be apparent once you start the game.

Unlimited Ammo - ZXLCPMZ
Unlimited Lives - FJVHDCK
Skip Level - XCDSDFS

Level Passwords
See the whole game without breaking a sweat! Enter the following Turok 3 passwords into the password screen to skip around the game. After you enter a password using the A button press the A button again to enter the level you chose. We've got every password for every level, for each difficulty level.

Easy Difficulty

Medium Difficulty

Hard Difficulty

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Turok 2 Seeds Of Evil Gameboy Color Cheats

All Weapons
From the password screen enter, DLVTRKBWPS.

Bird Mode
From the password screen enter, DLVTRKBBRD. Hold Select and press A to fly during the game.

Infinite Health
From the password screen enter, DLVTRKBNRG.

Infinite Lives
From the password screen enter, DLVTRKBLVS.

Level Passwords
Level - Easy - Medium - Hard
Level Select
From the password screen enter, DLVTRKBLVL.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Toy Story 2 Gameboy Color Cheats

Defeat The Prospector
Keep your distance. And when the Prospector is barely on screen, kneel down and fire. Eventually, he will run out of the room.

Level - Password
2 - PBPP
3 - BJWJ
4 - PJBW
5 - WBPP
6 - JBPJ
7 - JJWW
8 - PBWJ
9 - BPWW

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Top Gear Rally Gameboy Color Cheats

All cars & gold trophies
Enter YQX-%Z as the password.

All cars & courses
Enter YQXW-H as the password.

Type-AR, Type-MN cars & Pole course
Enter YQX+%Y as the password.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Top Gear Pocket Gameboy Color Cheats

All cars and courses
Enter YQX%ZD as a password.

Better cornering
Hold up and tap A or B while rounding a corner.

Slug Bug
Press A, B, A (x2), B (x2), Select (x2), Start at the title screen.

Type-AR and Type-MN cars and Pole course
Enter YQX+%Y as a password.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Toonsylvania Gameboy Color Cheats

Level Passwords
Enter the following codes at the Password screen to skip to the ghoulish levels below:

Level 3: 4F627
Level 4: XVJRL
Level 5: NMVN3

Monday, June 6, 2011

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 Gameboy Color Cheats

$50,000 with Tony Hawk, No Objectives
Your Password: V!T!MBBBBBVV

All Boards, Levels, and Few Objectives with Tony Hawk
Your Password: B58LPTGBBBBV

Glitched Money, All Parks, and Falcon Board

Football and Shadow Boards for Bob Burnquist

All 3 Boards for Bob Burnquist
Your Password: CJFBV3KTKC2B.

Steve Caballero and stuff
To have Steve Caballero with the extra park Venessa beaches, his brigade board, and $1070 enter password as: DPJBVWFCPDBV.

Tony Hawk with lots of stuff
To have Tony Hawk with all the parks, all his boards, and $62910 enter password as: VZMLPTBBBBVV.

Eric Coston with $3320 and few objectives
Use Password: H8GCVVFFPBBB.

Ellisa Steamer with $3340 and few objectives
Use Password: P?GWVVFFPBBB.

Jeff Rowley with $3340 and few objectives
Password: 6?GWVVFFPBBV.

Bob Burnquist with $5360 and objectives
Use Password: C4CDVVPFPDVB.

Tony hawk with max cash
To get Tony Hawk with $73950 Use Password: VZ?QZTTTTFDW.

Rodney Mullen and stuff
To have Rodney Mullen with $4500 and some objectives completed use password: KD8WVVFFPDBB.

Andrew Renolds with cash
To have Andrew Renolds with $4350 and some objectives completed use password: MF7CVVPFPBVB.

Kareem Campbell & stuff
To have Karem Campbell with $4360 & some objectives completed use password: ZGPWVVPFPBVB.

Bucky Lasek with stuff
To have Bucky Lasek with $3900 and some objectives completed use password: 22LCVVFCPDBV.

Bucky Lasek with stuff
To get Bucky Lasek with 2 boards & $3920 use password 2L4WVVfcpdbv.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Tom and Jerry in Mouse Attacks Gameboy Color Cheats

Level Passwords
Level 2: Mouse Mouse Cat/ Mouse Cat Dog/ Duck Cat Mouse
Level 3: Cat Duck Cat/ Mouse Mouse Mouse/ Duck Dog Cat
Level 4: Duck Duck Cat/ Mouse Cat Mouse/ Duck Dog Dog
Level 5: Dog Dog Cat/ Mouse Dog Dog/ Duck Cat Mouse

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Tom And Jerry Gameboy Color Cheats

Level Passwords
Level - Password
1 - Tom, Tom, Cheese, Soda
2 - Soda, X, Tom, Cheese
3 - Tom, Cheese, Tom, Cheese
4 - Heart, Cheese, Soda, Clock
6 - Tom, Heart, Cheese, Soda
7 - X, Clock, Soda, Heart
10 - Tom, Heart, X, Soda

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tin Tin: Temple Of The Sun Gameboy Color Cheats

Level Codes
Level - Easy - Medium - Hard
2 - 41253 - 14235 - 21345
3 - 23514 - 53421 - 51243
4 - 52143 - 41532 - 25134
5 - 34125 - 54321 - 35412
6 - 24351 - 31245 - 43215
7 - 41352 - 31542 - 43152
8 - 15432 - 35124 - 21354

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tetris DX Gameboy Color Cheats

Alternate Screens
Press Select during demonstration mode to display an aquarium screen. Press A (x2) to return to demonstration mode then display a confetti screen. Press B (x2) to return to the demonstration mode then display a chalkboard.

Ascending Blocks
Hold Left until a piece touches the wall. Continue to hold d-pad Left and rapidly tap A. Alternately, hold Right and rapidly tap B. (Note: Cheat does not work on symmetrical pieces like the square and straight bar.)

Continue Game
Press Start to pause game. Then turn Game Boy off. When the unit is turned on again, a "Continue" screen will appear.

Expert Mode
Press Start during game. Then press Select. The preview window will not display the next piece when game resumes.

In-Game Reset
Press Start + Select + A + B during game.

Moving the blocks upward
Move the block to either side of the screen. If on the left, press the "B" button repeatedly. If on the right, press the "A" button repeatedly and your blocks will move upward.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Test Drive 6 Gameboy Color Cheats

Bonus Cars
Win the Mega Cup Tournament to unlock the BMW V12 LMR and Panoz Roadster at the "Purchase Car" screen.

Mega Cup Tournament
Win all tournaments to unlock the Mega Cup Tournament.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tazmanian Devil: Munching Madness Gameboy Color Cheats

Level Passwords
Enter the following passwords at the password screen to unlock the levels:

BLGNGJPDFFTJ - Unlocks China Level
LMBPBKTFKDPK - Unlocks Switzerland Level

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Tarzan Gameboy Color Cheats

Level / Password
2-1 / 4-2-3-4
3-1 / 1-1-5-6
4-1 / 2-3-7-4
5-1 / 7-7-3-1
6-1 / 6-5-4-7

Friday, May 27, 2011

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Survival Kids Gameboy Color Cheats

Access Mini Games
1. Go near the main river and take the big rock.After getting it,USE it where you see fish to play the fishing game.

2. Go to the big berry tree (after the river,near where you get the big stick) when you have the monkey and check it to play for the Big Berry.

3. To get the egg game,go in the desert,near the ashes up north with monkey to play the Egg Catcher game.

Note that before you play, you will get instructions.

Alternate title screen
Successfully complete the game and answer "Yes" to start a second round. The title screen will have a new background.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Super Mario Bros. Deluxe Gameboy Color Cheats

Album Pictures
Here's a list of everything you need to get to complete the album:

Page 1:
Top-left: Fill up the score meter in Challenge mode.
Top-right: Get every medal in Challenge mode.
Middle: Beat the Original 1985 mode.
Bottom-left: Beat the star levels (1*1, 8*4, etc.) in the Original 1985 mode.
Bottom-right: Beat the "Super Mario Bros. for Super Players" mode

Page 2:
Top-left: Get fireworks at the end of a level.
Top-middle: Get a 1-Up Mushroom.
Top-right: Find and climb a vine.
Middle-left: Beat the Original 1985 mode.
Middle: Rescue the princess.
Middle-right: Trade high scores with someone.
Bottom-left: Get every Red Coin medal in Challenge mode.
Bottom-middle: Get every high score medal in Challenge mode.
Bottom-right: Get every Yoshi Egg medal in Challenge mode.

Page 3:
Top-left: Kill a Goomba.
Top-middle: Fireball a Bloober.
Top-right: Kill a Lakitu.
Middle-left: Kill a Cheep Cheep.
Middle: Kill a Hammer Brother.
Middle-right: Stomp a Bullet Bill.
Bottom-left: Kill a Koopa Troopa.
Bottom-middle: Fireball a Spiny.
Bottom-right: Kill a Buzzy Beetle.

Page 4:
Top-left: Kill Bowser in World 1-4 with fireballs.
Top-right: Kill Bowser in World 2-4 with fireballs.
Bottom-left: Kill Bowser in World 3-4 with fireballs.
Bottom-right: Kill Bowser in World 4-4 with fireballs.

Page 5:
Top-left: Kill Bowser in World 5-4 with fireballs.
Top-right: Kill Bowser in World 6-4 with fireballs.
Bottom-left: Kill Bowser in World 7-4 with fireballs.
Bottom-right: Kill Bowser in World 8-4 with fireballs.

Begin with 10 lives
Before starting a new game, go to the fortuneteller (in the toy box) and keep selecting cards until you draw the "Extremely Lucky" card. Then begin game.

Change view
Press Select during game to switch from center to edge view. Hold Up or Down to move camera up or down.

Compose Your Own Music
You can compose music using the Toadstools in the secret room (see the Round Table code)! Have you noticed the gibberish in front of the "Thank You!" words in the letter from Peach that comes up when you start the game (only if you have beaten world 8 in Original mode.) That mass of letters and symbols is the music that plays! You can compose your own music, too! All it takes is a miniscule understanding of music. Go to the Toad that is just to the right of Peach, or go to peach. Go to the ENTER text mode. Switch from the text to the symbols( by clicking the green ABC), then put down a note (quarter, eigth, or sixteenth). Then enter capital letters, A-G to make notes. After you enter a letter, add an UP or DOWN symbol (to change octaves) or a # (sharp.) Periods (.) make rests.

Here's an example, the Star Wars Theme: (hi-D = D with an UP arrow, lo-D = D with a DOWN arrow, . is a rest.)

[EIGTH] DDD [QUARTER] G . hi-D . [EIGTH] hi-C B A [QUARTER] hi-G . hi-D . [EIGTH] hi-C B A [QUARTER] hi-G . hi-D . [EIGTH] hi-C B hi-C [QUARTER] A . lo-G .

Now select END and press START to hear your music!

Fly Over the Level
Pause the game. Then press A, A, A, B, B, B. You will then fly over the level.

Japanese version of Super Mario Bros. 2
Score at least 300,000 points in the Classic game without continuing, saving or restarting game. A new "Super Mario Bros. for Super Players" mode will be unlocked.

Play as Luigi
Press Select at the map screen.

Quick and Easy Unlimited Lives
Original Mario Bros
In world 3-1, go to the end of the stage where the stair case to the flagpoll is. Let the first turtle walk down all the way, but stay on the staircase. Next, stand as close to the block as possible, and when the next turtle walks on the block your facing, jump lightly and you should instantly continuously bounce on the turtle giving you mega points and eventually give you unlimited lives. You can get up to 127 lives this way.

Lost Levels
On level 1-1, hit the second block to the left to get the first mushroom of the game to come out, being careful not to hit the turtle walking there. Next, get the mushroom, power up and go back underneath the turtle and the blocks. Time this jump and break the block so the turtle is trapped on the right, walking back and forth, left and right from the edge of the block it's walking on and the block it can't walk through. Then, break the block left of the used powerup block, jump up, break the blocks above you all except for the one above the turtle walking back and forth. Jump against that, so that you land on the turtle and you'll bouncing continuously giving you again, mega points and eventually 1-ups until you get 127 lives.

Race the Black Boo
To race the black boo in the "You Vs. Boo" mode, race the normal boo, get to the end of the race before the boo and hit the flag dead on. This will not work if you hit the pole either above or below the flag. The option of racing the black boo will only be activated in that level and can be deactivated the same way you activated it, by hitting the flag dead on before the boo reaches it.

Reveal Yoshi egg locations in Challenge mode
Locate a Yoshi egg, then select Yoshi's head in the toy box.

Select Mario's form
Press Select at "You VS Boo" bonus level on the mode selection screen to cycle Mario through his fire, normal and super forms. (Note: Cheat may also be activated in multi-player mode.)

Select level
Successfully complete the first quest.

The Round Table
Beat the first four levels (the first world) and then go to the toy box. There will be a little hole in the wall in the lower left corner. Enter it, and you will see a round table. Each time you beat a world 1-7, a new Toadstool guy will appear, and the princess appears after you beat world 8. The Toads let you print things! If you go to Peach, you can change the message that appears when you start up the game (now that you have beaten world 8.)

Toad Medal
To receive the Toad Medal, the most challenging award, you must complete the game, attaining the high score for all of its levels.

Unlimited continues
Hold A at the game over screen.

Unlimited lives
When a live is lost, hold A until the map screen appears.

Unlimited points
Kick the first turtle shell to the right in stage 3-2. Immediately run after the shell. It will run into enemies and earn an increasing number points as it goes. After it nets a 1-Up, let the shell hit your character and repeat for the desired points.

View fireworks
Successfully complete a level with a time that ends in a 1, 3, or 6.

Warp Zone
On any levels that have one block roofs break through them or go on lifts to get on top of them. Play the whole level on top of the roofs to the VERY end of the roofs. At the end there will be one or more tubes which will warp you to the level shown.

Warp to Levels 2, 3, or 4
On stage 1-3 on the second system of lifts (after the red turtle), ride the lifts to the top of the stage and jump onto the top row of bricks. Run along these until you come to a pipe room and go down whichever pipe you want.

Warp to Levels 6, 7 or 8
On the level 4-2 go stand on the right side of the first falling platforms. Stand underneath the three blocks. Jump up and there will be hidden blocks. Climb on those blocks and hit the left block of the three. A beanstalk will appear. Climb it. You will now be in mushroom land with tons of coins! When you finish this small level, which has no enemies, you will come to a warp zone, where you'll have the chance to warp to the levels 6, 7, or 8.

"Lost Levels" bonus levels
Score at least 300,000 points during game. Then select Luigi at the title screen.

"You VS Boo" bonus levels
Score at least 100,000 points during a game. Then select Boo at the title screen.

Hidden Blocks
In some parts of the game, you will discover hidden blocks. Just jump anywhere in the air and sometimes you will discover a hidden block. You need this trick for yoshi eggs and sometimes coins. Sometimes discover starman, super mushrooms, and fireflower.

Warp zone
In dungeon levels like world 1-2, there will be a warp zone. I will tell you how to go to this so called warp zone by explaining it in world 1-2. So anyway, at the almost end of the level at the part with the platforms, jump up to the ceiling at the end and keep running. It will say 'WELCOME TO WARP ZONE!'. You can pick which world you would like to go in.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Street Fighter Alpha Gameboy Color Cheats

Dancing Sagat
1. Select Charlie.
2. Begin a game and intentionally loose the match.
3. Choose "Continue" at the continue screen.
4. Defeat the character and loose to the next opponent.
5. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you have been defeated by all of the game?s characters.
6. After losing to Bison, continue a new game as Adon.

Fight Akuma
Choose your character in "ARCADE MODE".When you choose MANUAL or AUTO option for your character,Choose with the buttons A,B.Hold them until the fight starts.Instead of fighting the regular character,you'll fight AKUMA instead.

Fight Bison
After selecting your character and Normal or Auto Mode, Hold down A, B, and Select until the match starts. Bison will come out and you can fight him. This code works no matter what stage you are on or who you will fight next. If you want to fight him in the middle of the game, Hold down the buttons after winning the final round.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Stranded Kids Gameboy Color Cheats

Minigame Locations
Take a large stone and use it, when you see fish to play the fish game.

Go to the berry tree with the monkey to play the berry game.

Go to the north part of the desert with the monkey to play the egg catching game.